RTA Gel / PCR Purification Kit is designed for rapid recovery of DNA fragments from agarose gels (TBE or TAE), and for the rapid purification of PCR products. The kit provides removal of agarose, ethidium bromide, primers, dNTPs, enzymes, salts, and other contaminants from gel pieces and PCR reactions. DNA fragments larger than 50 bp can be efficiently purified with a recovery yield of approximately 95 % depending on concentration and length of the initial DNA sample.

Sample TypeAgarose gels (TBE or TAE) and PCR products
Protocol Time10 minutes for PCR products and 15 minutes for agarose gels
TechnologySilica Spin Column
Downstream Applications • PCR, RT-PCR• Cloning (digestion, ligation, transformation)• Sequencing• Genotyping• Southern Blot
PurityA 260 / A 280 ratio: 1, 80 – 1,90
YieldUp to 95 % recovery rate
ProductReaction size/kit Cat#GTIN
RTA Gel/PCR Purification Kit 50 test090090108698918030251
RTA Gel/PCR Purification Kit 100 test090090508698918030268
RTA Gel/PCR Purification Kit 250 test090091008698918030275