RTA Laboratories is committed to providing consistent and high standard products and services to meet customer, supplier, authorities, community and environmental needs. We aim to produce our products in a timely manner, based on national and international quality standards, customer satisfaction oriented, innovative and continuous improvement. Together with all our employees, we undertake to support the trainings in line with this purpose and produce and monitor products in accordance with the legal regulations.


Our main goal is to contribute to healthy life by producing quality products.

Our strategic plans, business plans and quality targets are established in line with our Quality Policy. We take the following principles as basis for the creation of these plans and objectives:

To continuously review and improve all our processes that constitute our Quality Assurance System with innovative and creative approaches,

To produce our products in accordance with national and international standards,

Managing our resources in the most efficient way,

To work customer-oriented and to continuously increase the satisfaction of our customers from the products and services which we offer to them,

To lead the developments in technology with R & D activities and to encourage creativity,

To provide continuous support to the development of our Quality Assurance System by training all employees in order to understand, adopt, implement and improve our quality assurance system.

Our Quality Policy is an integral part of our Quality Assurance System.